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Get the Best Paver Sealing and Restoration Solutions In Randolph NJ

Paver sealing is critical to protect your concrete pavers from staining and damage. This can help to provide the protection and enhance the appearance to your paver patio or driveway that it deserves. But there are a number of factors that you’ll want to consider when choosing a sealant for your pavers, such as durability, resistance to weathering, ease of application and price.

We provide quality paver sealing services in Randolph NJ and surrounding areas to protect your pavers from UV damage that can cause fading and surface discoloration. Our paver sealing experts can inspect your pavers and recommend the appropriate sealer products that best fit your needs, so that you can ensure that your investment is preserved for years to come. Call us for more information about our quality paver sealing services in NJ today!

Benefits Of Our Randolph Paver Sealing Services

With brick pavers and even travertine tiles, there are sand joints in between the pavers. When you seal the pavers you actually also stabilize the sand in the joints giving stability and retaining the intended structure of the hardscape. The sand in the joints will also be hardened and won’t be washed out with pressure washing or heavy rains.

If you love barbecue parties, or just spend a lot of time outside in your backyard, a sealer can keep your pavers looking new. On top of protecting against UV rays and stains, sealing will also make your pavers easier to clean.

Sealed pavers resist mold, dirt, and grime and the colors of your bricks and hardscapes are enhanced for years to come.

State-of-The-Art Paver Sealing - From Start to Finish

We seal your pavers with high quality sealers that are water based and environmentally safe. We use a high quality commercial grade sealer for your safety and comfort. This is important because many companies will thin out their sealers to offer a low price. They will also hide the fact that they have thinned it out from you when they take photos at the end of the job. We don’t short change our clients, we do it right the first time! Your pavers will be reopened to foot traffic 6-8 hours after sealing is complete, allowing you to enjoy your new patio, walkway or driveway immediately.

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Frequently Asked
Paver Sealing Questions

The sealing process we use allows us to seal your pavers in just one day. Our sealers can be applied to wet pavers, unlike the products of our competitors, which require up to five days for joint sand to dry completely.

It’s smart to wait at least 3-6 months to seal any new construction. This will allow enough time for any natural settling to occur prior to sealing.

We recommend that you turn off all timed sprinkler systems, refrain from swimming in pools, and cancel any scheduled landscaping for a minimum of 24 hours after a scheduled sealing.  Also, we require all surfaces to be clear of furniture, plants, etc.

The durability of the sealer can depend on environmental conditions and usage. Pavers that are in high traffic areas like public walkways or active driveways will wear faster than backyard patio applications.

Paver Sealing Service Randolph NJ 8

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